Sunday Bests: Giving Time for Friends & Food

I haven’t shared my intentions in awhile, but in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I intended to give time to the people in my life and it was pretty easy.

Pre-Thanksgiving with Friends

“Modified day” lunch, walk with a co-worker and her baby, and air massage using Normatec sleeves. The hip sleeves were my favorite!

My friend Elle was also in town so we grabbed ice cream at Salt & Straw in Downtown Disney. Little known fact: I haven’t been to Disneyland since 8th grade. This only matters because I live less than 2 miles away and actually walked home after we got ice cream.

A couple of Friendsgivings: I made a fancy charcuterie board for Friday night then an unpictured curried couscous, but I did snap a pic of a raw pumpkin pie!

Zoomed to San Diego for SD Sweat Squad’s Fall Social (yoga sculpt + wellness tips) and all I got was this picture of their host/sponsor

Mani for the wedding before catching up over dinner at Seabirds with a friend The Beets Me Burger is my fave vegan burger!

Home for Thanksgiving

Butternut squash lattes and avocado toast at Neat Coffee with Emily before taking my cousin to Aquarium of the Pacific

Then, I had my aunts and uncle over for Rachael’s Good Eats’ Muddy Buddies and all the Trade Joe’s holiday items. Get the turkey en croute, turkey cran meatballs, and their cheesy cauli sides but NOT the cauli stuffing.

One last pumpkin recipe (The Toasted Pine Nut’s pumpkin roll cookies) before transitioning to gingerbread (nut butter from local health coach Jill)

I made homemade butternut squash pie for a late Friendsgiving. Pie is hard work – it requires expensive ingredients (for mine at least) and electricity (almost 2 hours worth of it)!

Time for Myself

When I recapped my week, I found that my favorite things was laying in bed, eating random snacks throughout the day, playing Candy Crush Jelly Saga, and binge watching TV. Below are the shows you should check out.

*I also watched a bunch of YouTube videos. Here’s a sample.

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