Cabo San Lucas & Todo Santos, Baja California Sur

One of my highly anticipated trips this year was to Cabo San Lucas for my work wife’s destination wedding. I’m more of a mountain person so an all-inclusive beach resort was new to me and I didn’t hate it. Price-wise, $1500 was a deal for 2 people, 4 nights in a suite, and with all food and drinks we could want. Room service sparkling wine and shrimp quesadillas was our favorite!

Los Cabos: Villa del Arco

We stayed at the Villa del Arco is Los Cabos and got their all-inclusive package. Unfortunately we were so busy having fun, we didn’t take as many pictures.

Our first full day there, we woke up early. I went to their gym and then we had breakfast (an omelette from their sister resort, Villa del Palmar).

Then it was a day in the pool with vodka Collins. In the evening, we joined all the wedding guests at the Michael Jackson dinner experience. We loved it – they had elaborate dance performances and the groom went up for the Michael Jackson dance competition.

Wedding Day

The wedding was on Saturday. After a quick 30-minute workout/stretch, we got our makeup and hair done in the bridal suite.

I went to the sushi bar at Villa del Palmar and then headed back for photos and finally, the wedding! I teared up, drank a bunch of Spicy Salazars, and danced till I got blisters! I was so much about dancing that I didn’t touch my food! We ordered room service – a quesadilla stuffed to the “brim” with shrimp.

The Arch & Downtown Los Cabos

Despite drinking a gazillion (6 or more Spicy Salazars/margaritas with tajin rim), Jordan and I took a glass-bottom boat to the famous arch.

Jordan hung out at Lover’s Beach while I went back to wash all the hairspray out. It took a whole travel bottle of shampoo and a lot of conditioner too! Eventually we walked around Los Cabos, passing by lots of restaurants and bars and their luxury mall and marina. The first night we were here, we partied at Squid Roe, one of the touristy party spots.

Todo Santos

On Sunday, we rented a car for $65 to drive an hour north to Todos Santos, an artsy surf town. This was more our speed. It was hot so we got ourselves some paletas and then stopped into Hotel California (opened in 1950 before the song of the same name) for a jalapeno margarita.

San Jose del Cabo

Jordan preferred the Old Town of San Jose del Cabo where the airport actually is. It was a larger version of Todos Santos to us, with a big central square, art galleries, and plenty of restaurants. We opted for tacos al pastor at Las Guacamayas – I started with one and got a second one! The al pastor had a little crisp,

A few notes:

  • Nothing was cheap here. Except for drinks, it was more expensive in these towns as they are targeted to American tourists.
  • Almost everyone speaks English.
  • All-inclusive is worth it, but be warned, all the food was salty and I basically had a mild stomach ache the entire time. P.S. I managed to lose weight on the trip.
  • The water at the resort didn’t make us sick. The restaurants provide bottled water.

…and now for the vacation after vacation. I have the week off and am taking today to relax. We were so busy enjoying the trip that I need a day of rest!

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