Sunday Bests: All the Holiday Coffee, Cookies, & Cheer!

This week was fueled by coffee, sometimes a Christmas blonde roast from Starbucks and some fancy holiday beverages.

Let’s be honest – I don’t like cooking and when I do cook, I have far too many leftovers. I have basic foods during the day (oatmeal, eggs, protein shakes), but when it’s nighttime or the weekend, I yearn for more and try to keep it healthy.

I had sushi three times this week, split pea soup made with bone broth, and delicious meals out with friends.

Continuing the holiday cheer: we have another baby on the way and fun aunt Julie is here with a drink in hand.

And… I’m not one for going out at night or on weekends, but it felt easy with these girls!

And the greatest of all holiday cheers: decorating cookies! I drove down to Solana Beach to join a couple of friends at Elevate Co, Browned Butter Blondie and Studio Baked‘s event.

Also, a great memory: the professional photos from the wedding in Los Cab are out!

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