Sunday Bests: Catching Up with Friends

I’ve caught up on sleep and maybe I’m even oversleeping by going to bed by 8 or 9pm. Working out when I wake up has helped my mood after work and allowed me to do things with friends.

I shared a bottle of wine (50% off) with a co-worker at Cultivation Kitchen then passed out, drove out to Chino Hills to visit a friend and her new pup and then supported a friend’s new business. Lovely Delites is making almond buttah!

I even made it to a gym and am waking up early to go tomorrow morning!

Wedding Shower

We are less than 2 weeks away from the wedding in Cabo San Lucas! They had their final fiesta wedding shower this weekend. I still have to get shoes (!) and schedule my nail appointment.

Move Nourish Connect

I’m on cloud 9 after our second event! We’ve worked on this for months and was happy with the 15+ women that showed up.

We went for post-event munchies at 2145 right down the street. I saw a woman eat this pizza combo next to me and got the same thing – spicy marinara, onions, mushrooms, basil, and moz.

Later on, I took a nap then took my cousin Cat for revolving sushi. I like the idea since it lets us control the amount we want and she was amused too!

Veteran’s Day “Daycation”

I ventured down to Newport Beach for coffee at Crew Coffee + Cremerie at the Lido House hotel. The whole day felt like a vacation – I haven’t explored my area in so long! It feels like the South (Charleston or Savannah).

For lunch, I splurged. My cousin and I shared the steak-frites at Zinque. The fries were perfect.

After walking around Lido Village, we went to Fashion Island, an outdoor shopping mall. We got snacks at Whole Foods (their peach rings are my fave), smelled everything at Bath & Body Works (so nostalgic!), and stopped for Pressed Juicery’s Freeze.

I napped and then baked cookies using Neiman Marcus’ “recipe.” My aunt said it’s the best one I’ve ever made. I thought they were okay.

And of course, the rest of the night was getting ready for work and hanging out with Baron.

I am extremely grateful for my friends so giving time to friends is my goal this month. How do you manage to keep in touch with friends?

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