Rhine Getaway: Marksburg, Rüdesheim, & Heidelberg

Today’s post is part of a set of posts from my river cruise, which includes Amsterdam and Kinderdijk/Cologne.

Marksburg Castle

We left the big city (of Cologne) behind and toured some of Germany’s picturesque and historic towns. First stop, Marksburg Castle, another UNESCO site. We toured the medieval fortress and had a bit of time to walk along the water with its luscious rose gardens.


That evening, we reached Rüdesheim. On our way, we were treated to a hilarious Rüdesheim coffee demonstration with the bartender as host.

I bolted up to the SkyTrain, an open air two seater that was a little questionable, to the Niederwalddenkmal built to signify the reunification of Germany. There were also some trails up there with signs in Germany warning of caterpillars – I found one on my shoe and was probably more worked up about it than I needed to be. It was the major attraction and worth the 8 euros for a roundtrip ticket.


The next day, we arrived in Heidelberg (via shuttle from Mannheim). We toured Schloss Heidelberg, the castle, and then were left to our own devices.

We ate at Le Fée – shared a Dutch pancake and a smoothie bowl for the nutrients – and walked around town and hiked up Philosopher’s Walk for views of the city from the other side of the river.


The ship stopped in Speyer, Germany so I got out to walk. I walked past a couple of biergartens, parks, a cathedral of course, and found a pedestrian street lined with ice cream and wine shops, people, and live music! Such a treat for such an unknown little city!

Next stop but just briefly, France!

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