Rhine Getaway: Kinderdijk & Cologne, Germany

Day 2: Kinderdijk, Netherlands

We woke up to our first full day on the ship. It was almost exactly how I remembered it: early morning buffet breakfast with the most careful service and fellow travelers bustling around ship.

Our first stop in the morning was in Rotterdam, where I stepped outside to check out the city before we left for Kinderdijk and the 19 famous windmills. We stepped inside one of the windmills converted into a museum.

I remembered passing out shortly after lunch. The jet lag and time change finally got me, but this rest day allowed me to be perky for the rest of the trip.

Day 2: Cologne, Germany

I woke up early to do yoga on the deck. The German flag was up, which meant we had reached Germany! We were in Passau for one day and Austria, where they speak German – I was a huge fan.

We boarded a bus in Zons that took us to Cologne. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep on the ride there. Let’s say I did because there was a lot of napping on the trip.

First stop: Cologne Cathedral, the only thing left standing after WWII. The guide was amazing, telling us about the glass windows, some of which were hidden from damage and others recreated in later years. The cathedral was started during the era of gothic architecture but interest waned and it was completed almost 400 years later when gothic architecture ceased to be in fashion.

We toured the city and I made notes on where I wanted to return to after lunch. I stopped by the Hohenzollern Bridge to see the love locks densely locked onto the fence, went to the Chocolate Museum store for goodies, and…

…drank kolsch beer at Früh am Dom. Cologne is the English version of Koln. Koln is where kolsch originated so I went to a brauhaus by the cathedral for 4 oz pours. The smaller pours keep the beer cold, but don’t fret, you’ll get plenty as they refill automatically until you cover your glass with the coaster.

I had two pours as you can see on the tally marks on my coaster. 🙂

Candid of the day

My aunt took a lot of random photos, which were actually refreshing as 1) we always pose for photos now and 2) I looked good in them.

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