Rhine Getaway: Strasbourg, France

We arrived in France after Amsterdam, Cologne, and a slew of German cities.

Actually France was on one side of the river and Germany on the other. We drove into Strasbourg for our tour, which began with views of storks and their nests atop every tree by Parc de l’Orangerie. Then, we made it into the city proper.

Strasbourg Cathedral

Another day, another cathedral. Like the Cologne Cathedral, the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg is in the gothic style and constructed of sandstone. We toured the inside briefly, getting a glance at the large astronomical clock inside.

Le Petit France

Our tour continued with a walk to an area of town called Le Petit France with architecture from the Middle Ages. This area and the rest of Strasbourg lie between two rivers and like Amsterdam, has canals running through it. I bought some chocolate eggs with hazelnut cream and canele shaped chocolates.


Although the ship’s chef was going to do a flammkuchen demo, I couldn’t resist when I walked by Au Vieux Strasbourg. I tried another restaurant, Au Brasseur, but the service was painfully slow as in I didn’t get any acknowledgement for about 5-10 minutes. The flammkuchen I chose had cream, cheese, onions, and lardons set on a thin but chewy crust. Don’t call it pizza.

Lastly, as it was hot and I had to wait for my shuttle back to the ship, I walked into Pâtisserie Christian Meyer. I was full so I skipped sitting in the tea room (multiple floors of them!) and pastries for a fromage blanc ice cream, or in France, “glacée”.

Candids of the day

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