February Recap & March Intentions

February Recap

February was fantastic and according to my Chinese zodiac (1st), that’s no surprise.

To recap,

This week alone, I…

  • Supported my friends with food and conversations
  • Inadvertently hung out with a couple of girls I met last month – we had exchanged numbers casually but never reached out. Then, I bumped into them at a local event!
  • Fit in happy hour drinks with work friends

I did alright on my February intentions:

  • Manage anxiety. I was thankful for the short weeks, the trip to San Diego, and my social life. I am an extrovert and was infuse with energy and some good food. After missing my period last month and not being pregnant, I got it!
  • Take more rest days. I took a few days off while in San Diego, but I’ve come back hard.
  • Drink more mimosas. I did drink more mimosas than usual. My alcohol consumption is steady – one or two drinks rather than binging.
  • Keep reading! I’m still “reading” The Dead Zone on hikes and alternate between that and Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins.

March Intentions

  • Be more cautious with money AKA save more this month.
  • Start building our venture. Nathan and I are brainstorming ideas because he wants to move here soon. There are a few things I can do independently before he comes.
  • Get back into journaling. I had conversations with friends with good suggestions, thoughts, and insight, all of which I need to write down!
  • Get back into the health & wellness world. This was one of my “New Years’ Resolutions.” My only one actually. I already have quite a bit planned for the month too!

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