Sunday Bests: Favorite Time of the Year

This was an ultra-busy but fun week. For the past 2 weeks, I’ve gotten enough sleep, workouts, and work has continued to be good. I’m praying it continues for 3 weeks before I’m on spring break!

Truth be told: As I’m writing this, I’m exhausted from being so busy, CBD, daylight savings, and I have a stomachache. :/

Self-Care Tuesday

I had a hair appointment, but I made it into an afternoon with a savory crepe for dinner and a matcha strawberry latte with oat milk (I finished the other half in the morning).

I got my annual haircut at Paul Mitchell and had a nice chat with the hairdresser, who went to the school I work at!

Thursday with my work fam

The girls and I met up with a drink out of a disco ball and really delicious fries from Social (which is on the new Gordon Ramsay show, “24 Hours to Hell & Back”) and then to the new Toast Kitchen & Bakery to try their hot chicken sandwich.

Expo West 2019

The big event for the week was Expo West. This is my 5th year? I spent all of Friday there with everyone then perused Saturday for another 4 hours. It was great catching up with Kate who flew in for the day! I will recap this week!

I only had a stomachache the second day from all the samples. Typically, I don’t eat those days but one small-ish meal in the evening.

“Day with the Ladies” in San Diego

Despite resting most of Saturday, I was still tired and daylight savings didn’t help! I started with a little yoga and met up with a former co-worker for coffee at Revolution Roasters in Oceanside.

From there, I met up with the ladies/caravan at You & Yours Distillery, owned by women! It was a gorgeous space with amazing cocktails!

Afterwards, we finally got food at another woman-owned business, Del Sur Mexican Cantina. I got their pollo asada bowl over lettuce (without beans) and tried to avoid the rice. It was my first meal of the day after 3 drinks so my stomach was killing me. On top of that, I had a kids’ scoop of ice cream from nearby Stella Jean… half of which fell into my cupholder.

…and I couldn’t be there, but happy 30th birthday to a special guy.

To be honest, I’m ready for a less busy week but that’s not happening. And now, here are some of my favorite reads this week:

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