Sunday Best: LA & San Diego

Saturday: The GOOD Fest

I volunteered for The GOOD Fest pop-up in LA and it was a blast. I love working events – I worked 3 summer in the culinary department at the OC Fair (one of the largest fairs in America) – and in particular, I love health and wellness events! The team was great and my fellow volunteers and I meshed well.

Afterwards, I was starving and ate one of the best sandwiches in my life: hot ham and cheese from The Burrow LA.

Sunday: Hiking… in North San Diego

I’ve run out of nearby hikes that are safe after the rain so I drove down to Poway to hike Iron Mountain. It only took an hour and a half to drive down there! I got there at 11am so there was parking and the trail wasn’t too packed. It’s a 5+ mile hike that I was able to complete in under 5 hours.

I drove to Pacific Beach after for Powerhaus Pizza (not bad, not my favorite) and on my way home, I stopped in Encinitas for a vegan soft serve at Plant Power Fast Food.

The weekend really pumped me up and thus far, the full week of work (after two 3-day weeks) is excellent.

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