August Recap & September Intentions

August Recap

  • Practice self-care. I spent last Sunday getting sugared, getting a mani-pedi, having tea with the girls, and then buying a dress. It was the girliest day ever.
  • Learn to let go of control and just deal with my feelings. I struggled partway through summer, which is nothing new. I get the seasonal blues, feeling purposeless. Once work started, I delved into work and the present. I both purposefully and accidentally distanced myself from being too involved in other people’s problems. I wouldn’t consider this a problem since I’ve truly enjoyed work.
  • Learn something new. I’m teaching something new and am in the process of learning something new not related to teaching.
  • Save money. Well it doesn’t seem I saved much, but I didn’t spend much on my trip to Denver. The priciest item was the rental car. I also picked up some other duties at work (mentoring, tutoring) for extra cash.

September Intentions

  • Do less out of habit. I started this last month. I say yes to a lot of things, but I had to say no to quite a few social obligations… and I didn’t feel bad about it. To be honest, happy hours, movies, or girls’ night aren’t doing it for me right now. It seems… monotonous.


  • Go out into nature. I don’t go out much during the summer, but it’s cooling off and after my trip to Colorado this weekend, I’m itching to get out. Hopefully I can find somewhere short, challenging, and not on fire.
  • Read a book. I dropped this 1/4 of the way into the year. I saw Crazy Rich Asians and wished I would’ve read the book too. I have a few in my Audible queue: Hillbilly Elegy, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, and Lies My Teacher Told Me, but nothing beats a paper book.
  • Give people space/give myself space. I’m a passionate person whether it’s work, friends, hobbies, etc. Space is good for me to be present in my own life rather than empathizing with everyone else. It was killing me to be so empathetic last month!


Coming Up in September:

  • Trip to wine country for Lyndsay’s birthday.
  • Camping in Big Sur.



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