Takeaways from Journaling

After more than 2 weeks away from journaling, I got back into it with a 4-page entry. I’m a HUGE fan of journaling. It helps me organize my ideas and work through things. I didn’t journal for more than 2 weeks because I was afraid to discover how I truly felt.

Takeaway #1:


I keep myself busy and I have a lot of fun, but a lot of what I do has no end. It doesn’t mean to stop doing things that don’t align with my goals but to limit them because that happiness is a temporary fix and sometimes costly. 

I also end up expending a lot of energy and leave myself exhausted! Case in point: the days after coming home from Colorado were packed, including a 12+ hour day at school for back to school night!

I booked a cookie decorating class with a friend on Wednesday. It was a blast even though I got a headache from inhaling so much sugar! Worth it? YES! I love tapping into my creativity!


I’m not a big Disney fan and I haven’t gone since 8th grade, but I like Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar. Jordan and I went on Saturday night and while it was busy, we met and chatted with a lot of friendly strangers. Worth it? YES.


On Sunday, we headed to Temecula for my friend Lyndsay’s birthday. We started at my suggestion, Peltzer Winery.


In addition to wine, they have sangria on Sundays!


We discovered our new favorite, Avensole Winery. They had a great 4 person tasting deal for $30 on Groupon and we fell in love with the wine guys – Tony is from Asheville and Scott is a former history teacher!


Worth it? Also YES! It’s always a blast hanging out with the crew and eating delicious food! Maybe I shouldn’t have had that extra glass or two of wine though… I only went on Sunday, giving myself most of Saturday to rest.

Takeaway #2:

This last trip to Colorado, I wanted to have clarity on a relationship. I was definitely hesitant though and I didn’t come out of with clarity. I admit I was blocking myself from it. But I decided on this instead – since I don’t know what I want, I’m going to see what the other person wants and roll with it until I figure out what it is I want.


What I want is fall weather, pumpkin everything (protein pumpkin cheesecake mousse!), and leaf chasing! I’m working on my autumn bucket list already.

But I also want to sneak in one last summer manicure –


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