Sunday Bests: Last Week of Summer/One Last Tan

I would say “I tried to enjoy the last week of summer by going out and being outside,” but who am I kidding? It’s Southern California and we have weather that permits outdoor beer gardens and beach days.

Elle was in town on Monday so we met up for dinner. I had a big salad and a margarita. On Wednesday, I went to trivia night – we had such a big group and did so much talking that we were barely paying attention!

I forgot my lunch on Friday and ended up having to make due. After work, I went to a yoga class nearby Oliboli Donuts… and had to stop in for their monthly flavor.

In the evening, I went to hang out with my friend while she “worked.”

I ended up skipping an event in LA and instead, got coffee with a friend at the brand new Golden State Coffee Roasters. We swooned over the location, which we hope is a contender for our event in November!

I needed some time away and although it’s not known as a vacation spot, Ventura seems like it. It’s a sleepy beach city north of LA and south of Santa Barbara, and my BFF lives there so it’s free too!

Immediately when I arrived, Jordan handed me a plate with Nashville hot chicken sandwiches. Homemade and perfectly crisp!

We drove a few minutes to a quaint beach, Emma Wood State Beach, and lazed around for 3 hours, working on our tans for Cabo!

Sunday morning, I woke up well rested and walked down to Prospect Coffee Roasters for a caramelized fig latte with almond milk and seasonal MUSH oats! Both were amazing.

After breakfast, I walked downtown to a Lagree Megaformer pilates class at Fit Buddha. It was my favorite Megaformer class so far – it was painful and hard but I felt of the bad joint pain and more of muscle fatigue.

In the afternoon, we drove down to L.A., stopping at Ladyface Alehouse for brews and fries before watching “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” at the new location of the Alamo Drafthouse.

I made it home by early evening to plan for work and meal prep. I’m in a 14-day challenge with my favorite personal trainer, Emily S. of Heartmybody Fitness.

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