Sunday Bests: A Lot of Miles & Traffic

I might’ve spent 7 hours driving to Carlsbad and LA (twice). It was worth it for the most part, but I was exhausted by the end of the weekend. I’m currently writing this in bed with a face mask on while watching Matt Does Fitness.

After a long day at work, I immediately drove to Carlsbad for the Dames Collective Launch Party. I changed in a grocery store bathroom. It was only an hour drive and worth the fun with the girls.

My continuing neck pain hasn’t subsided and flares up randomly. It kept me up all night so I took the day off to sleep, workout, clean my car, and get a mani/pedi.

In the evening, I joined co-workers to check out the new Brewery X.

I got home pretty late but still got restful sleep. First thing was to check out Heather’s fitness studio as a possible location for our next event. She made me a shake while I was there.

Then it was off to L.A. for Hello Wellness‘ event with The Skinny Confidential. We started with drinks and mingling, a sushi burrito, and a Q&A sesh with Lauryn. I honestly don’t follow her, but the event was fun. The 2 hour drive home was not.

After I did some work and working out, Cat and I headed to West Hollywood again for Gelato Festival. It was a small one but enough to get our fix in. My favorite was the pistachio flavor at the Gelato Festival shop.

I met the Camarena twins! We chatted and caught up with the adults briefly.

Until next weekend – I’ll be in Temecula on another adventure!

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