Traveling Together: 5 Day California Road Trip


Friday: Orange County, CA

We started the trip with a gathering of my friends for my belated 31st birthday in Santa Ana. I love these photos because it showcases adult women loving and supporting each other.


It was such a treat to get everyone (including all the husbands, boyfriends and male friends) out.


…and I’m still having the time of my life at 31.


Saturday: Ventura, CA

We started the day late because well, we were hungover. We got some carne asada fries at Karl Strauss before we drove up to Ventura and laid out at their beach.

In the evening, we went to a bar where the boys played pool.


Sunday: Santa Barbara and Pismo Beach, CA

We started the day with a trek to Cold Spring Tavern. It was recommended by friends and our AirBnb host for their tri-tip sandwiches.


We laid at the beach in Santa Barbara a little more before heading to Pismo Beach.



Monday: Yosemite Valley, CA

When we woke up Monday morning at the Yosemite Bug Resort, 6 miles from the Ferguson Fire that started on Friday, clouded in smoke.

He really wanted to see El Capitan, but this was our view, a little eerie.


We hiked to Vernal Falls and then walked to Mirror Lake. Although it was still smoky, the air cleared up next to the water.



Tuesday: Mammoth Lakes (driving home)

We stayed at Juniper Springs Resort and was upgraded to a one-bedroom. We loved the fresh mountain air that came through the windows and French doors to the balcony.

We grabbed some Mexican food from a little taqueria to enjoy the view at Minaret Summit with views of Mammoth Mountain.


We slowly made our way down CA 395, first stopping at Crystal Lake to walk around and relax.



Our next stop was Convict Lake, which is a stunner despite its name.


We did the auto tour of Manzanar Internment Camp. It was eerie and beautiful and it began long conversations about the state of the world.


Wednesday: Orange County, CA

We slept in a little more on our last day before boating in Newport Harbor with the girls. We are soulmates – we got beer, guac, and remembered the things the other forgot.


Since someone had never had a Michelada, we got giant ones at SOL Cocina.


There were a lot of ups and some downs on this trip together. We don’t see each other in the day-to-day, although we converse almost everyday. This was a longer trip – 5 full days – than before (1 day in Chapel Hill, NC and 3 days in Boulder, CO), with lots of alone time driving. In the end, we got to know each other better and worked out some kinks in our communication.

The trip flew by and we never had enough time. We ran late everyday, making it to the airport 30 minutes before it departed.

What’s next? I’ll be in Colorado in a month and a half.

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