You’ve let yourself go.

I quit the gym. I quit paying $100 every month. I quit sitting in 45 minutes of traffic. I quit stressing myself out.

So yes, I let myself go. I let myself be free from some of my type A structure.

I added hiking. I added YouTube workouts (here are my go-to channels). I added local adventures. I added money for travels: Nashville, Arizona, New Orleans, and next month, the Pacific Northwest.

And how do I feel? Physically, not noticeably different. Emotionally, 2017 has been one of my happiest years yet. It’s a choice and I get to make the decisions.

*I’ll be slowly posting my city guides.

Nashville in the fall Y’all Nashville is now my favorite city. It’s cold but still sunny with hipster restaurants, music, and history!

Seven Falls hike (across the river 7 times) in Tuscon This was my first road trip ever. I went to Tucson, Phoenix, and Sedona. Tucson was my favorite albeit a bit more sketchy.

Sedona sunsets Step outside and you’re in the rocks. It really restores the soul, whether you believe in the vortices or not.

Joshua Tree with the Girls Who Hike OC

The Mississippi River in New Orleans I practiced yoga in the Cabildo, an old government building and now a museum, while listening to the live jazz below in the French Quarter. I walked and biked dozens of miles… just don’t do it at night because New Orleans is still very up-and-coming.17522802_10100140604449948_7401815045390955089_n

…and my most ambitious endeavor yet, the Pacific Northwest. Unfortunately, I only have 11.5 days for this trip; otherwise, I would go over to Canada too!Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 8.24.25 PM

Tell me: Where else should I go in the continental U.S.?

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