Sunday Bests: Cheers to Cheer! (Holiday Parties)

Girls’ Night Pajama night complete with martinis, gingerbread house, and baking cookies, which didn’t come out well after a few martinis. Day of Holiday Shopping Catherine and I spent all Saturday running errands, starting with the farmer’s market, “chagacinno” coffee for me and churro latte for her, the best revolving sushi bar, and hours at World Market perusing their holiday deals. I’m partaking in an … Continue reading Sunday Bests: Cheers to Cheer! (Holiday Parties)

Sunday Bests: All the Holiday Coffee, Cookies, & Cheer!

This week was fueled by coffee, sometimes a Christmas blonde roast from Starbucks and some fancy holiday beverages. Let’s be honest – I don’t like cooking and when I do cook, I have far too many leftovers. I have basic foods during the day (oatmeal, eggs, protein shakes), but when it’s nighttime or the weekend, I yearn for more and try to keep it healthy. … Continue reading Sunday Bests: All the Holiday Coffee, Cookies, & Cheer!

Back into it: Socializing

Friday: board game night It was a simple and easy evening with friends. We took a group trip to Target to buy Cards Against Humanity. I couldn’t stop making jokes and laughing, especially playing off kindred spirit Freddy. Saturday: Christmas events December 1st so of course we were allowed to do all things Christmas. We started by getting hot chocolate and cookies on the beach … Continue reading Back into it: Socializing