40 Days and 40 Nights

Remember that movie? Josh Hartnett, the teenage heartthrob, couldn’t sleep with anyone for 40 days. Whatever happened to him? If you want something similar to that movie, watch “Too Hot To Handle.” I am unfortunately enamored with the tall, 23-year-old Aussie who uses the phrases “naughty possums” and “little quesadillas” to refer to people. Okay, so that’s what I’m doing – watching bad T.V. like … Continue reading 40 Days and 40 Nights

5 Days of Galentine’s (Weekend in San Diego)

San Diego Long Weekend I was hungover, but I dragged myself to SD Sweat Squad’s event: 20 minutes on the Versa climber and 20 minutes of Lagree. It was a daze and hard, but I sweat out the hangover! I was pretty tired from the week – overworked and underfed – so I took myself to sushi. Normally, I sit at the bar, but I … Continue reading 5 Days of Galentine’s (Weekend in San Diego)

2020 & January Intentions

January 1st Tried parts of a smoked apple fritter from J.D. Flannel. Hiked 10.4 miles to Sitton Peak faster and more fearless than before. Hell’s Kitchen wasn’t open. January 2nd Laid in bed exhausted. Did some yoga. Co-workers’ boyfriends cooked food. I drank a whole bottle of wine. Hope I didn’t do anything stupid. January 3rd Hungover. Mom coined my back, I took Advil and … Continue reading 2020 & January Intentions

Sunday Bests: A Lot of Miles & Traffic

I might’ve spent 7 hours driving to Carlsbad and LA (twice). It was worth it for the most part, but I was exhausted by the end of the weekend. I’m currently writing this in bed with a face mask on while watching Matt Does Fitness. After a long day at work, I immediately drove to Carlsbad for the Dames Collective Launch Party. I changed in … Continue reading Sunday Bests: A Lot of Miles & Traffic

Sunday Bests: Can’t Keep Me Down!

At the time of writing this and for the last two weeks, I’ve been fighting off fatigue, a muscle injury that’s causing headaches!, little appetite, and doubts about everything I am. A little here and there is compounding to a very difficult season of my life. However, it can’t be that hard because I’m pushing through it. I’m forcing myself to go out and do … Continue reading Sunday Bests: Can’t Keep Me Down!

Sunday Bests: Rest Week (But Not Really)

I’m still high on last weekend’s camping trip. It was refreshing but not quite restful – we spent all day out hiking and roaming, came back late, and sat by the campfire for dinner, s’mores, games, and laughter! It was back to work and quite a busy week – advertising for Rainbow Youth and potluck for back to school night. The AC was broken at … Continue reading Sunday Bests: Rest Week (But Not Really)

Sunday Bests: Self-Work & Community (LA & San Diego)

Before I recap my weekend, I should mention that I made a big change this week – I ended my romantic relationship. It started last Cinco de Mayo and I can’t doubt I grew and learned a lot. Unfortunately, there was a lot of frustration in a portion of the relationship that has never seen better days in the time we were together. More on … Continue reading Sunday Bests: Self-Work & Community (LA & San Diego)