Sunday Bests: Baby Showers

I don’t go to a lot of weddings or baby showers, but when they come, they all come at once! Two of my closer friends are sporting baby bumps and they’re gorgeous! They served mimosas at the second baby shower, but I wanted “double crisp” fries from SOCIAL and since it was happy hour, got a paloma as well… followed by visiting a new brewery, … Continue reading Sunday Bests: Baby Showers

Rhine Getaway: Black Forest & Trip Recap

The Rhine We chose the Rhine Getaway this year with my aunt and cousin. We started in Amsterdam (extended our trip 2 days), Kinderdijk & Cologne, Marksburg, Rüdesheim, & Heidelberg, Strasbourg, the Black Forest, and Basel… but only for the morning. This was a big bummer for us as we hoped to see more of Switzerland; however, I expect it would’ve been expensive. Last year’s … Continue reading Rhine Getaway: Black Forest & Trip Recap

Lower Antelope Canyon & Grand Canyon

After leaving the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and saying goodbye to Hercules, I was solo again. It was time to head into Northern Arizona for the second leg of the trip. Lower Antelope Canyon I booked a tour of Lower Antelope Canyon through Ken’s Tours. As the site sits on Navajo land, you must take a tour to enter. Surprisingly, the stairs down were scary … Continue reading Lower Antelope Canyon & Grand Canyon

Sandboarding & Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Coral Pink Sand Dunes When I saw a Girls Who Hike event to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, I was in! I bought a spot from someone who dropped out and after hiking Bryce Canyon in the morning, I met up with Kristen and Tatiana at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. After setting up camp, we went sandboarding! I was hesitant but loved it! We … Continue reading Sandboarding & Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Week in the Life: June 2019

I’m home… for 12 days before heading off on my next adventure. Keep up on Instagram. 🙂 Bachelorette Monday at Native Son, with wine and pasta *We also went to amateur open mic comedy night at Chapter One (6pm-1am in their back room). Happy hour with Elle and friends at El Mercado – I got their happy hour chicken quesadilla and shared shrimp tacos ON … Continue reading Week in the Life: June 2019

Rhine Getaway: Strasbourg, France

We arrived in France after Amsterdam, Cologne, and a slew of German cities. Actually France was on one side of the river and Germany on the other. We drove into Strasbourg for our tour, which began with views of storks and their nests atop every tree by Parc de l’Orangerie. Then, we made it into the city proper. Strasbourg Cathedral Another day, another cathedral. Like … Continue reading Rhine Getaway: Strasbourg, France

Rhine Getaway: Marksburg, Rüdesheim, & Heidelberg

Today’s post is part of a set of posts from my river cruise, which includes Amsterdam and Kinderdijk/Cologne. Marksburg Castle We left the big city (of Cologne) behind and toured some of Germany’s picturesque and historic towns. First stop, Marksburg Castle, another UNESCO site. We toured the medieval fortress and had a bit of time to walk along the water with its luscious rose gardens. … Continue reading Rhine Getaway: Marksburg, Rüdesheim, & Heidelberg

Rhine Getaway: Kinderdijk & Cologne, Germany

Day 2: Kinderdijk, Netherlands We woke up to our first full day on the ship. It was almost exactly how I remembered it: early morning buffet breakfast with the most careful service and fellow travelers bustling around ship. Our first stop in the morning was in Rotterdam, where I stepped outside to check out the city before we left for Kinderdijk and the 19 famous … Continue reading Rhine Getaway: Kinderdijk & Cologne, Germany