Best of Late Summer/Early Fall 2020

Best Food

Jordan’s hot chicken sammie is one of my faves and won the cookoff! / In N Out after a killer hike / anything at Gracias Madre / vegan Frosty with fries / …and their vegan soft serve / I’ve ordered Cookie Lab‘s upgrade, salted caramel pecan, and white chocolate pumpkin cookies. Can you tell I’m obsessed?

Best Beverages

I’m going to Ventura this week and I can’t stop thinking about Singing Sun Coffee. / My favorite beers are now Michelob Ultras and Mexican lagers. They’re so refreshing! / It was too easy to drink a Garibaldi Riff at the rooftop speakeasy of the same name in San Diego. / I’ve been going to Ventura once a month – Rumfish y Vino is the hippest spot.

Best Experiences

We celebrated Lyndsay’s birthday in San Diego. Its been awhile since I’ve been apart of nighttime shenanigans! / I love happy hours outdoors. / Sometimes we go hiking, which really means I’m running to keep up! This is Jordan’s fave hike, Boney Peak – 9 miles with 2,600 ft of elevation gain. / I’ve halted my wine drinking lately, but I still love wineries. I joined Lyndsay in Temecula at Fazeli Cellars. Unimpressed. In fact, I have plans to head to a few coming up. / Girlfriend hangouts look a little different nowadays – they bring their babies! / And another one! We celebrated Emily’s bachelorette with a 3-hour long dinner. / The next day, we got together for bach brunch. / I feel like I’m at home more by working from home. I’m diggin’ my schedule. 🙂


I’m terrible at writing book reviews. The Vanishing Half was just so good. It explores racism and passing. It starts in the South, with two sisters who get separated and live separate lives. Their paths converge when their daughters meet in their 20s.

Circe is not a book I would normally read. I read that the narrator is excellent and was intrigued by the storyline. It’s an action-packed story that reveals how Circe became who she is and you’ll relate or at least feel compassion.

The Guest List is a murder mystery with lots of twists. It is set on at a wedding on a dangerous island in Ireland. I took a 10 mile hike so I could listen to it! Each chapter is told from the perspective of a different character.


I have a cobra kite and Jordan and I are dressing up as Cobra Kais for Halloween… so it’s no surprise that “Cobra Kai” was my favorite show. I binged the two seasons. Johnny and Daniel-San reprise their roles! Johnny Lawrence’s adult character is so fun.

Last weekend, I binged “Evil.” Two characters, a priest and forensic scientist, determine if people are possessed or mentally ill or if there’s another explanation.

I’ve spent the last three days watching “The Haunting of Bly Manor.” It took me a few of episodes to get into, but it starts to braid an thought-provoking storyline. It also becomes less scary and more mysterious.

I have a few trips planned as restrictions get lifted and I feel more comfortable resuming travel. It’s also the holidays and we tend to getaway for the holidays.

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