June Recap: In Between Times (& San Diego Camping)

Well, here we are. 100 days into… whatever you want to call it at this point.

There’s the usual stuff, hiking on my own and a couple of friends. We found the “goats at work” on the Turtle Rock trail. Other hikes: O’Neill Regional Park and Portuguese Bend Nature Preserve.

There are no more Zoom happy hours, except with those who are actually long distance. I drank a whole bottle of French wine because Boris Diaw.

I’ve continued deeper into quarantine baking with the best dark chocolate donuts and was gifted a sourdough starter, John Dough, Jr. He made one hell of a pizza.

I finally got to see Jordan. I went to visit him in Ventura – we hiked, went to the beach, and participated in a virtual beer festival while on the phone with my other friends.

*I started reading Blood Done Sign My Name, but progress is slow as I’m dedicating time to get my master’s homework finished so I can do fun things. I also finished the audio versions of Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell and The New Jim Crow this month.

He came down the next weekend. We ate our favorite foods (carne asada nachos for me, noodles for him), painted, and went on a hike. Again, the usual.

Finally, to end the month, I went camping! I’ve eyed Cuyamaca Rancho State Park for awhile after seeing an Instagram pic and was shocked at how beautiful it was! Just two hours southeast (inland San Diego), I saw rolling hills, many short mountain peaks, and meadows. The best part? Few bugs!

I went with Lily whom I met at last year’s camping trip to Sequoias. That trip is still so memorable! She is a pro at car camping, bringing the best food, hammocks, and a DIY hand-washing station.We kept everything so clean that I didn’t need to deep clean my gear!

It was everything I needed!

On our way home, we stopped in San Diego for some food and beach time.

The rest of the week has been dedicated to finishing my homework for the week so I can be far ahead. I’ve decided to and have the go ahead from the state to go on a birthday trip. Stay tuned!

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