Sunday Bests: Lessons from Home

Life isn’t what it was, and I’m okay with it.

There are some things I struggle with, like overwhelm and frustration from work… and as a result, I’ve been fiery. I fought the urge to apologize for being emotional.

Moving on…

My Saturday started with yoga, trying a hair tutorial, and coffee. All the usual, except for the hair because I never ever do my hair.

Then I met up, following social distancing guidelines, with a friend. We met at the park, laid out our blankets, and talked for a couple of hours about ideas, books, and our feelings. 🙂

A little later, I found a spot under a tree for a virtual book club with my former co-workers. It’s not something we’ve ever done and it was refreshing to talk with them about the book’s commentary on society. We read Little Fires Everywhere and compared it with the show.

Diving deep.

The depth of conversations has been the highlight of the safer at home order. We’re comfortable at home, away from the distractions and busy-ness. I drank a whole bottle of wine on 3 different Zoom meetings (girlfriends, college friends, and baking with my co-worker).

Unearthing creativity.

Most of my creativity goes into my work nowadays, but without the kids (replaced by lots of paperwork), I’ve turned to cooking and visual arts. I love seeing the creativity coming from others and small businesses (to-go cocktails, DIY kits, etc).

Growing my knowledge.

For some reason, strangers think I’m artistic. I was a pretty good scrapbooker and have one of those Happy Planners, but I struggle with painting. I’ve taken a few Skillshare classes and finally had the chance to sit and paint. I prefer abstract landscapes where I can blend.

Giving myself a break.

I have a pretty nice tan and I’m getting more vitamin D from my walks and also from getting sunlight! My home has lots of sunlight unlike my classroom. I’ve hit a good stride with my schedule so that I sandwich my work with physical activities, moving meditation, and snack breaks.

What silver linings have you found?

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