40 Days and 40 Nights

Remember that movie? Josh Hartnett, the teenage heartthrob, couldn’t sleep with anyone for 40 days. Whatever happened to him? If you want something similar to that movie, watch “Too Hot To Handle.” I am unfortunately enamored with the tall, 23-year-old Aussie who uses the phrases “naughty possums” and “little quesadillas” to refer to people.

Okay, so that’s what I’m doing – watching bad T.V. like it’s the early 2000s. Which is what it seems like. It feels like middle and high school… and as they say, trends come back every 20 or so years.

Here’s a trickle of what I’ve been doing. A lot of the same: cooking, painting, walking, drinking on Zoom with friends, reading… and then there’s work.

We got the green light to go ahead with meetings and bam! I had 9 meetings this week and many more to come if I can schedule them! I’ve kept my boundaries though, working about 5 hours at most. Sure, that’s not a typical 8 hour day, but realistically, who works 8 straight hours per day? I’m sorry if you do. My brain needs a break after a few hours!

Additionally, my body has been requesting more breaks! I’ve taken more naps this past week as I’m exerting brainpower and physical energy from workouts and this 80-90 degree heat!

Current Recipes:

I don’t usually eat Thai food, but wow, we finished this pad Thai in a day. Alison Roman’s caramelized shallot pasta was a hit just like the internet said it would be. And who knew you could transform pancakes into makeshift cinnamon rolls?

Current Take Out Cravings:

Pizza, apparently. I also partook in a chocolate croissant when I picked up a French brunch to drop off at a friend’s house for her birthday.

Now that it’s sweltering, expect to see more paletas. Isn’t that kiwi one gorgeous??!

Current Movement:

Sliders, booty bands, Pilates, yoga, and lots of walking. I walked 4 days this week, but it was plenty in this heat!

Current Hobbies:

I’ve progressed to a countryside landscape from a class on Skillshare and have a desert landscape class to take. I finished Unbroken and my friends and I are now reading Little Fires Everywhere. *I also found some N.C. beer, Fonta Flora!

Current Snail Mail:

My work friends sent me some sweet snail mail. I’ve also done a little shopping online to support my favorite cities, including buying Tandem Coffee Roaster‘s biscuit recipe, a mask from Tucson’s Why I Love Where I Live, and the best nut butter ever from Ground Up PDX (Portland).

How are you hanging in there?

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