A lot has changed…

A lot has happened since my last post in February, two months ago.

As February ended, the coronavirus had begun to spread. By mid-March, I began to work from home and California was under “safer at home” orders. It’s hard to remember to use the right terminology, but we can still go to the store and many people are working so we aren’t quarantined.

Here we are in April and we should (a strong should) wear masks out. Work from home has been extended to May 4th for our school district, but I’m sure it will be extended until the end of the year.

Spring break plans were cancelled and I’ve cancelled all my summer trips (road trip up to the Mendocino Coast, North Carolina, and France) because I don’t foresee a quick end to this.

With that said, I’m doing surprisingly well. I figured I’d struggle as an extrovert, but lately, I’ve put so much pressure on myself to live a full life that I welcome this time. As an enneagram type 3, I’m staying productive. What that means isn’t “working” –

I’ve become some sort of cook.

I’m not known to be a cook or a baker. I just throw things together – oatmeal, wraps, etc. But I’ve put together some complex and delicious meals lately!

I’m getting takeout once per week and I’m being intentional about what I want and supporting small businesses.

I started painting.

I don’t suck at cooking, but I DO suck at visual art. I tried watercoloring with Tombow pens and failed. My brush letting ain’t too bad. I took a Brit & Co acrylic painting class and then drew my own. I’ve got a couple classes bookmarked on SkillShare.

I’m on book #2.

I finally finished How to Be Alone, and I’m pretty much doing what it prescribes: do things alone and have fun with my own company.

I’m heavily engrossed in Unbroken. I chose it because I believe our situation isn’t that bad. Yes, grieve, but please adapt. I know that isn’t appropriate for everyone, but everyone I know is fine and they’re complaining about the luxuries of life.

I’m also watching all the Harry Potter movies and “Station 19.” It’s sooo

I’m in better shape.

My gym brought over a barbell, weights, and a homemade rack so I can continue to train. I thought I would do it more, but I’m averaging 3x/week (with lighter weights).

I’ve actually been practicing yoga/Pilates each morning and there’s an overwhelming amount of “live” workouts. My faves: Flex & Flow Yoga (Portland, OR-based), sweat salt (San Diego-based), Health House’s arm party (Hollywood), and BUNDA (also Hollywood). It’s a lot of core and arms and mind-muscle connection. I can see my body shape changing… or maybe it’s because I don’t have to critically examine myself when I put on real clothes… or a lot less stress.

I stop and smell the roses.

I’m walking an hour each day (unless it rains) and my new thing is #SidewalkFlowers. I’m walking in neighborhoods or local parks, not hiking as I don’t want to risk injury or trashing our trails.

I’m reconnecting with friends.

I’ve been scheduling Zoom hangouts, brunches and happy hours with friends I don’t see often anyways. Friends are also reaching out and sending messages all day.

I have brunch with my college friends each week. Not every virtual hangout is a gem, but these are. There’s a lot of real talk and not fluff. We discuss politics, human behavior, and we joke around. Guess it helps that we’ve known each other for 10+ years.

I’m okay. We’ll be okay. Stay at home and love each other.

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