5 Days of Galentine’s (Weekend in San Diego)

San Diego Long Weekend

I was hungover, but I dragged myself to SD Sweat Squad’s event: 20 minutes on the Versa climber and 20 minutes of Lagree. It was a daze and hard, but I sweat out the hangover!

I was pretty tired from the week – overworked and underfed – so I took myself to sushi. Normally, I sit at the bar, but I wanted to melt into the booth. I ate all two rolls of sushi over the course of an hour, hanging out.

Next up was a Galentine’s Day sleepover with some San Diego friends! We ate snacks, vision boarded, and talked until 2 A.M. In the morning, we walked over to Banana Dang for coffee and avocado toast. They didn’t skimp on the avocado!

I met up with Emily for a hike to kick off our day together. We hiked ~3 miles up to Cowles Mountain. I’ve hiked the back side (~5 miles). For “lunch,” we went to Rad Habits Juice in South Park before checking into the motel for naps (see motel details below).

After showers and naps, we went strong. First, we headed back to South Park to drink cocktails and eat snacks at Kindred. We have to go back to try their other offerings!

The next stop was Realm of 52 Remedies, a Chinese-influenced speakeasy that’s inside a sizable standalone bar in Kearney-Mesa. It was a nice experience, but the drinks were pricey and not as fantastic as Kindred’s.

After sushi (unpictured), we got snacks and hit the hay early.

In the morning, our first stop was… coffee! We had the vegan horchata lattes from Por Vida in Barrio Logan.

Then it was off to brunch at Parakeet Cafe in Del Mar’s One Paseo.

Last stop was a beach walk in Solana Beach.

The Rambler Motel

I spotted the Rambler Motel on Instagram awhile ago. Originally, we were going to stay with Emily’s sister, but I wanted a bed and my own space, so I booked the motel in Chula Vista.

10 minutes from downtown, the motel is definitely a motel done up with bright colors, softer light, and a coffee shop. The bed had a foam-top mattress that I melted into. They also had cruiser bikes to borrow, but the motel is located in a nondescript area.

Emily and I parted ways and I did my thing – go to Balboa Park and visit the Natural History Museum! I loved seeing all the real (taxidermied) fauna and flora. It’s museum month so entrance was only $10.

Afterwards, I used my free class to SALT Hot Pilates from last month’s SD Sweat Squad get-together. I looked around at the different, confident women and decided to go shirtless for the first time ever. I didn’t regret it the entire time, especially since the infrared heat drained me.


Having a 4-day workweek sounds great, but it’s intense! This week, I had two meetings during work and two meetings after work! On top of that, Friday was a student-free day. Again, sounds great except I need the kids there to test them or help them. I did get to slow down on Friday and actually prepare my lessons for the next couple of weeks.

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