Winter in Big Bear & Mammoth (+ San Diego)

January (and February) brought some new adventures – snowboarding, skiing, and lifting (“training”). I’m enamored by all the newness and I’m so proud of myself for saying ‘yes’ to going on the intermediate slope while snowboarding and ski lessons.

February has slowed things down a bit and I’m a tad concerned about keeping up the momentum, mostly at work, but I know I’ll get through the little bumps and irregularities of 4-day work weeks all month! 😉 My biggest goal is to reschedule meetings so that they all happen.

Attempting snowboarding

I joined Emily and her fam/friends in Big Bear for a little snowboarding and hanging out. Snowboarding was a bit of a nightmare as I fell a lot and just got frustrated being so bad.

NEW! Training

I joined Strength Co on a whim. I took their intro class (one-on-one) with the owner (from South Carolina) and figured I’d give it a shot. It’s the closest to what I’ve wanted and didn’t know it – small group training with max 8 people and most importantly, increasing my weight on the squat, press/bench press, and deadlift almost every time!

What’s a month without a trip to San Diego?

Big surprise, I went to San Diego. I’m there once a month – I usually go for the day, but I’ll be there next weekend for two nights. I went to SD Sweat Squad’s 1 year anniversary at SALT Hot Pilates, took a hike up Cowles Mountain, and drank a strawberry espresso beverage from Deja Brew.

The one weekend home…

I had one weekend without plans so I made plans to hang out with my cousin. I also spent a lot of weeknights watching TV and doing a puzzle last month.

Skiing, etcetera, for Jordan’s birthday!

For Jordan’s birthday, he wanted to go snowboarding in Mammoth and invited me along. I’ve seen the Eastern Sierras in the summer (camping and hiking) and fall (leaf chasing and hiking) so it was time to see it in its glory.

The drive up was super easy – ~6 hours on a straight road with no traffic. We started in June Lake where Jordan went snowboarding and I walked around Gull Lake and June Lake.

While I waited for Jordan, I grabbed a slice of pizza from June Pie and then walked across the street to The Lift for a bloody Mary and a live band (at 3pm in the afternoon!). June Lake is a gem, from its chalet-style new build homes to its hipster downtown with a brewery and juice bar too!

As I lugged my rentals in sub 40 degree weather with gusty winds and specks of snow, I was regretting my decision to just go for it. I couldn’t walk down stairs in my ski boots much less carry my skis and poles! I booked a lesson, which, in addition to rentals and lift tickets, cost a lot, but in the end, very worth it.

Since snowboarding was quite uncomfortable, I decided to ski and there was no way I would’ve even put my skis on without a lesson. Plus, as Jordan was planning to snowboard all day, I needed something to keep me occupied for at least a few hours.

My instructor, Preston, was fantastic! I was the only adult so I ended up getting a private lesson. He took me on the lifts to the beginner runs and we did 4 of them together.

After lunch (chili and a beer), I skied down the runs 4 more times and Jordan joined me for a last one before we called it a day. The weather had gotten much worse and there was low visibility.

In the evening, I sat in the living room of the hostel we stayed at and had the best time talking and laughing with the other guests.

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