2020 & January Intentions

January 1st

Tried parts of a smoked apple fritter from J.D. Flannel. Hiked 10.4 miles to Sitton Peak faster and more fearless than before. Hell’s Kitchen wasn’t open.

January 2nd

Laid in bed exhausted. Did some yoga. Co-workers’ boyfriends cooked food. I drank a whole bottle of wine. Hope I didn’t do anything stupid.

January 3rd

Hungover. Mom coined my back, I took Advil and ate sushi.

January 4th

Finished yoga I couldn’t do the day before. Drove to SD with Emily for coffee, hiking, and sushi. Picked up Salt & Straw and pizza toppings for the evening to go with games.

January 5th

Tried Newport Peach, a step/barre/Pilates class. Walked around Balboa Island. Is this really winter? Do I really have to go to work tomorrow?

Word of the Year:

Let me explain real quick. My mom retires this year and it’s a scary thing as her social security is not much. She will be working and is also a caregiver, but she can only make so much before they heavily tax her earnings as a retiree.

I want to be able to help her as needed and for any emergencies in my own life, which she has always helped me with.

This includes lessening small expenses as well as getting my master’s degree, in which I will need to borrow $ but will earn it back within a year and a half.

“Secure” also means feeling secure about myself and my body. Last year was a bit of a rollercoaster emotionally. For January, my word is “refine” and I am working on refining what I need and want. In particular, I am determining what I need and want in a partner and maybe, more importantly, if a partner is necessary at all. I’m very practical and I see it as a hindrance, but sometimes I do admire it. Hopefully, it will take me only the month to decide.

What’s ahead in January?

  • 52 hikes or more
  • 3-day weekend in Big Bear
  • Baby shower
  • SD Sweat Squad 1 year Anniversary
  • Access Elite Yoga & Brunch
  • Far too many meetings

Good luck, and wish me luck in the new decade!

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