2019: Best in Travel

In 2019, I finished my 5th year teaching and started my 6th year.

I spent 49 days out of town, which is actually less than last year!

I traveled to 6 countries (Mexico, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, France, & Switzerland)

I explored 4 states (Washington, Nevada, Utah, Arizona).

  1. In February, I experienced San Diego at its finest. Of course, I’ve been to San Diego before, but I had only gone overnight to drink in the Gaslamp. I explored more neighborhoods, went to events (see an upcoming post), and met wonderful people I keep in touch with!
  2. My mom and I went on another Viking River Cruise and we brought my aunt and cousin. We spent an extra few days in Amsterdam. We’re headed to Paris and northern France in 2020!
  3. For my birthday, I took a solo road trip from St. George, Utah to Flagstaff, Arizona. I met up with some Girls Who Hike at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes
  4. …and we went to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary! One of the best experiences volunteering there!
  5. For our birthday this year, Liz and I met up in Seattle
  6. …and took the train to Vancouver. We’re headed to Asheville, North Carolina in 2020!
  7. In November, I was in my work wife’s wedding in Cabo San Lucas
  8. Jordan tagged along as my plus 1. We rented a car and went to Todo Santos.
  9. Our last trip was one of my favorites: Phoenix and Tucson for Christmas this year. We went to Las Vegas the last two years and didn’t like it.

*I forgot to include the impromptu Labor Day Weekend trip to Sequoia and Kings National Parks with a Meetup group, but it’s here. It was one of the highlights of my year as I met soooo many amazing people on this trip.

So, the big question is – what were my favorites?

Reflecting on travel, my favorite trips were solo, in some sort of nature, and meeting new people at local hangouts (bars, coffee shops, etc).

In short, I love Tucson and Seattle, which is why I went back. I want to explore North Vancouver’s nature. I loved volunteering at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and camping/hiking with strangers in Sequoia, which I can sum up into ‘letting go’ and playing.

What were your favorite trips of 2019?

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