Sunday Bests: Cheers to Cheer! (Holiday Parties)

Girls’ Night

Pajama night complete with martinis, gingerbread house, and baking cookies, which didn’t come out well after a few martinis.

Day of Holiday Shopping

Catherine and I spent all Saturday running errands, starting with the farmer’s market, “chagacinno” coffee for me and churro latte for her, the best revolving sushi bar, and hours at World Market perusing their holiday deals. I’m partaking in an ornament exchange and am having my students try “medieval” holiday foods.

Work Holiday Party

Then it was our work holiday party. A few of us stayed out till 1 A.M. playing board games at a bar.

This is SoCal in December…

It was too beautiful on Sunday not to be outside. I went on a ~4 mile hike nearby.

After a shower, I drove out to my friend’s son’s 1st birthday. I definitely jumped in the bounce house.

Since I was out there, I met up with a friend and her boyfriend to visit the new location of our favorite bar. I tried four of their cocktails then went to their house to decorate their tree.

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