Sunday Bests: Worse Before It Gets Better

Continued Anxiety (from last week)

I worked alllll day on Wednesday night and took myself to Purify Sauna Lounge. On the way home, 8 at night, I had a blowout on the freeway. Thankfully, I got my spare put on quickly, but, because I instinctively stepped on the brake, I slammed into my dashboard screen and cracked the touchscreen. The display is still working yet they’d have to replace the whole damn thing for $1500. Well, I can still use my backup cam and the Bluetooth is stuck connected to my phone so I can listen to navigation, podcasts, and Spotify.

Anyways, I took Thursday off to chill out. Besides the blowout, I was tired and bloated all week. I watched all of “Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner” – the best episode is Vancouver with Seth Rogen. I lovvve Seth Rogen! Aside from that, I worked on new graphics for Move Nourish Connect, worked out, and never left the house.

Saturday in L.A.

I headed to West Hollywood for Hello Wellness‘ Charity Fitness Festival. In total, I worked out 95 minutes with great instructors and got a lymphatic massage! I was literally looking for one right before.

Afterwards, I was starving and headed to Tocaya for the first time. I got a fajita bowl with cauli rice. I saved half for dinner and also because I wanted a sweet and cold treat from Bumsan Organic.

Last Free Sunday

I got plenty of rest and spent hours upon hours prepping for work, wrapping and ordering gifts for the next month (haha), meal prepping, and eventually left the house for a quick hike and the grocery store. I made these delicious and easy pumpkin bars with Greek yogurt cream cheese frosting via Crosby Tailor/Purely Pope.

The Month Ahead…

I must say, I needed the day off to rest on a weekday to not feel FOMO. My low level anxiety dissipated. I’m glad October is about over as it’s always one of the toughest months!

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