Sunday Bests: Leaf Chasing & Pumpkin Carving

In past Octobers, I’ve been to the Eastern Sierras and New Mexico for some of the most relaxing trips. Last year in October, I spent a 3-day weekend in Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear. I’m a PSL basic b*tch but now I’m into apple cinnamon everything instead.

Somehow, I’m being more responsible with my funds and I’m going to a destination wedding next month and my time off because I have so much to do… and that means, no October trip. Octobers are notoriously tough but I’m powering through and only need weekends of recovery.

So this weekend, I was really stepping out. Unlike last week’s failed attempt at a break, I knew I would need to spend 6 hours on the trails (and 2 hours in the car to get to/from).

Hiking Mt. Baldy

Taking aspirin was a game changer! It thins your blood so you need less oxygen? Aside from hip pain, I was able to breathe easily for the first 3 miles of the hike and okay at Devil’s Backbone and the rest of the trail.

It felt so good to shake my legs out and be in nature – it quickly cut a week’s worth of low level anxiety. Of course, I got a beer after per hiking tradition.

BYOPumpkin Party

I put together a simple but festive gathering for pumpkin carving and lots of food. A lot of my friends wanted to carve pumpkins and it must’ve been charming because my neighbors drove by our set up and smiled greatly.

Carving pumpkins was stress-relieving, in a dark way…

Speaking of food…

From left to right: monthly flavors (pumpkin and crunchy bugs) at Salt & Straw, Copper Cow pour over coffee was a little joyful in the morning, and delicious dinner at True Food Kitchen.

And because I’m proud of my work…

Here’s to hoping the anxiety stays away…

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