Sunday Bests: My So-Called Break Weekend

I was supposed to take a break this week. There were cool things happenin’ in San Diego, but gas is over $4/gallon here and I’m sick of being in traffic… and I was just overwhelmed and tired.

So, unfortunately, I don’t know what breaks look like. My non-breaks look like big events and out-of-town day or overnight trips.

On Sunday night, I picked up a friend from the airport and on my way there, I thought about how anxious and guilt-ridden I felt.

I was anxious about not having plans – instead, I did a lot of random little things. Shit, it’s the last weekend I had free to travel north for the fall colors! I felt guilty for not being better at hanging out with friends and not taking a proper break.

My So-Called Break

Looking back, I did okay. This is the list I made for myself on “taking a break.”

  • Go to the big farmer’s market. We each got a snack (pumpkin spice bliss ball for me) and shared a crepe.
  • Check out the new SteelCraft. My cousin got a $5 pumpkin spice latte.
  • Take a nap. It was a good afternoon nap on the couch too!
  • Do some yoga. Cat & I did yoga in the living room.
  • Roast up spaghetti squash. I topped it with ground turkey and Rao’s tomato sauce, which is as good as they all say.
  • Watch a Halloween-y movie. We watched “Hotel Transylvania 3.”


  • Played games. We played Jenga at home and cornhole while out.
  • Watch funny videos, mostly “The Cut.”
  • Watched “Stumptown.” My friend told me about it. You should get in on it – it’s only on episode 3.
  • Got our nails did. To be honest, this was one of the worst manicures I’ve gotten and this is my regular salon!
  • Try soy.hv. They opened this weekend and serve a fancy version of my childhood soy pudding.
  • Go to the OC Vegan Nights. Also in my town! They had a bunch of music, some hula hooping, and food. We shared a trio of pierogies.

Okay okay, I lied. I did make it to ONE event here in the OC with a friend. It showcased local brands, mostly beauty and fashion, and I didn’t know a soul. We got out of there pretty fast and caught up over revolving sushi!

Is it hard for you to take breaks? What does a break look like to you? By the way, I’m playing candy crush in bed right now and this might be the feeling I’m seeking on a break.

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