Sunday Bests: Rest Week (But Not Really)

I’m still high on last weekend’s camping trip. It was refreshing but not quite restful – we spent all day out hiking and roaming, came back late, and sat by the campfire for dinner, s’mores, games, and laughter!

It was back to work and quite a busy week – advertising for Rainbow Youth and potluck for back to school night.

The AC was broken at work this week when it was over 90 degrees! Between the busy weekend, the continuously busy week, and the heat, I was exhausted!

I did have time for a 2.5 hour happy hour with my adventurous gal pals where we proclaimed ourselves as single and having the time of our lives! 🙂

There was a downturn though and this poem my friend sent me was on point.

Come Friday, I was ready to do nothing. I caught up on “Bachelor in Paradise” and binged a few other shows. At this point, I hadn’t worked out in 3 days!

I joined Emily on Saturday morning for coffee and GritCycle to celebrate Amber’s birthday. I don’t like spin, but I went and it was the best class I’ve been to! I even won a skin care kit!

In the evening, I went to an almost “Crazy Rich Asian” marriage celebration. They had their wedding in Italy in June.

Suffice to say, I was hungover on Sunday. I got myself a pumpkin cold brew at Grow Coffee, this delicious soft serve from Honey & Lavender, and splurged on a massage. #treatyourself It made me feel a little better.

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