32 in Flagstaff

The last stop on my road trip: Flagstaff. A few years ago, I embarked on a road trip from Tucson -> Phoenix -> Sedona but it was too cold/icy to drive up the Flagstaff in January.

As I was planning my trip, I wanted to spend my birthday in a small city rather than on the trails and my friends have raved about Flagstaff… I’m about to do the same!

Where I Stayed

I stayed at an AirBnb. It was older and cute. The room was huge and the bed was comfortable and had a shared kitchen! But better than that, it sat at the edge of historic downtown Flagstaff. The first evening, I got to my car to realize that all the spots I wanted to go to were within .5 miles!

Where I Drank

For beer, I checked out Lumberyard Brewing. I saw their beers on shelves throughout Utah and tried their two GABF winners, the red ale and hefeweizen.

A local favorite is Dark Sky Brewing. They had a lot of sours and even their hazy IPA, Anchors Aweigh, was sour from the pineapple, hibiscus, and lime.

For wine, I went to FLG Terroir. It was recommended by the beertender at Historic Brewing. They have plenty of international wine, including a red blend from Arizona – who knew Arizona produced wine? Also, they shouldn’t. I chose the cabernet Franc with a side of prosciutto dates. They had a great appetizer menu!

For cocktails, I stopped into Rendevous, the hotel bar at the Monte Vista. The crowd was a mix of young and old. It was margarita and mule Monday, but I came here for their whiskey chai.

My favorite was Annex Cocktail Lounge. Annex is connected to two other restaurants/bars (see below for Tourist Home) and literally sits in between them. They make the drinks here to bring over to the other two restaurants but the bar itself is epic. They had indoor and outdoor seating that transported me out of Flagstaff and into… I don’t know how to describe it. They offer creative cocktails that were light and/or stiff. My kinds of cocktail.

Where I Ate

I stopped into Local Juicery twice: once for their Tropics smoothie and for breakfast on my birthday. I got their “The Works” gluten free waffles and could only eat half! I’ve actually been to a Local Juicery before for their waffles when I was in Sedona. They’re fru fru and pricey, but actually has good unique stuff!

Every guide I read mentioned Pizzicletta and even in town, people raved about this place. You have to get there at 4:30 they said. I stood outside waiting for their doors to open at 5pm then realized it’s a Tuesday in a semi-small city. A nice older couple asked me to sit with them since I was alone on my birthday. I joined them because I love people as much as I like my alone time.

Their menu is small but mighty. I had their margherita pizza with prosciutto. Their crust is fermented for better digestion, which I totally was on board with.

Before I left, I had breakfast at Tourist Home, owned by the same people who own Annex Cocktail Lounge (above). I loved their modern rustic decor, reminiscent of Nashville(?). Their bakery case was packed with donuts, muffins, scones, and cinnamon rolls! I ordered a churro donut to go and ate half of their breakfast burrito (add avocado). It may have been one of the best breakfast burritos I’ve ever eaten!

Where I Stayed Active

Flagstaff has plenty of trails that are part of the Coconino National Forest, which connects with Sedona. I was advised to hike Fat Man’s Loop, a 2-3ish mile hike. I made it longer by following some people on the trail to Elden’s Overlook and was dying from the elevation! I gave up my pride and went back down to do the loop trail.

I still had plenty of time so I took a leisurely walk through Buffalo Park, a well-manicured flat park with challenging exercise stations along the way.

Yoga Revolution is downstairs from my AirBnb. It was slightly heated with infrared heating. I loved their Flow 60 class, small class size, and the fact that it was challenging.

Flagstaff reminded me of Asheville, North Carolina, which has a special place in my heart since I lived there for 6 years. It also makes Arizona my favorite state after California and North Carolina – I loved every city I visited!

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