Rhine Getaway: Black Forest & Trip Recap

The Rhine

We chose the Rhine Getaway this year with my aunt and cousin. We started in Amsterdam (extended our trip 2 days), Kinderdijk & Cologne, Marksburg, Rüdesheim, & Heidelberg, Strasbourg, the Black Forest, and Basel… but only for the morning. This was a big bummer for us as we hoped to see more of Switzerland; however, I expect it would’ve been expensive.

Last year’s trip, the Danube Waltz, had better destinations – I loved Vienna and Budapest, both of which were cheaper, and was enamored by Český Krumlov. This time, the cities were more metropolitan.

As the Danube was our first experience, it’s hard to compare the staff as both of them are memorable and excellent. I’m already thinking about our next river cruise with Viking.

Black Forest

We took a 1.5 hour drive into the Black Forest. I passed out on the ride because I was getting car sick. Once we got to a little settlement, we observed their giant cuckoo clock and watched a Black Forest cake demo, and I went with the more adventurous passengers on a short hike to a waterfall.

Last evening

We loved the hospitality of Viking and honestly, we love their branding, which wins me over. We were griping about having to go to work and cook when we got home! My little cousin opened up a lot and learned how to navigate the cities with me.

Briefly in Basel

We arrived in Basel in the middle of the night and didn’t get any time in Basel. I woke up early to take a walk before we left. Crazy thing – passengers were departing that morning so I figured I’d go for a walk. While I was out, the ship had moved! Thankfully, I noticed it while walking back – the ship had moved to the other side of the river but closer.

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