Lower Antelope Canyon & Grand Canyon

After leaving the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and saying goodbye to Hercules, I was solo again. It was time to head into Northern Arizona for the second leg of the trip.

Lower Antelope Canyon

I booked a tour of Lower Antelope Canyon through Ken’s Tours. As the site sits on Navajo land, you must take a tour to enter. Surprisingly, the stairs down were scary – steep and lacked treading. However, our young guide, Justin, was stellar. He helped us take photos and made plenty of jokes as well as showed us how the canyons were formed with a science experiment in the end.

Page, Arizona

Who would’ve thought one of my favorite meals on this trip would be in Page, Arizona? This town, known for Antelope Canyon as well as Horseshoe Bend, has a trendy spot called “Bird House” that serves spicy chicken. Although reviews indicated the chicken was very spicy, it was ingestible for me and the seasoned fries that came along with it were delicious!

North Rim of the Grand Canyon

I drove another 2 hours to the Grand Canyon and almost didn’t because the drive out to Flagstaff would be 4 hours! But I was convinced that I had to see it. The North Rim is quieter than the South Rim, with a highly-reviewed campsite. I was glad to see no bears but did see a family of bison on my drive in. I walked from the campsite to the lodge and back for sunset.

I admit, after being encircled by red rocks for days, the Grand Canyon’s beauty was no longer a novelty.

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