Emily & Julie’s Wellness Meet Up

This past Saturday, my little ambition came to life.

A few months ago, I met Emily (@marrvelouseats) volunteering at GOOD Fest in LA and once again ran into her at Babes Who Sweat in San Diego. We found out we both actually live in between, in Orange County, and drive to events because we’re both crazy and we haven’t found such a community here.

After talking to Emily over some matcha, vegan pizza, and frozen yogurt, we discovered similar experiences, love of food, and interests. In particular, we wanted to bring a wellness community here.

We brainstormed and came up with our first event, something to get our feet wet: yoga on the beach with a breakfast bar and mingling.


We were fortunate to partner with Alison who runs Yoga on the Beach to lead a class. Alison and I worked together for over 3 years at a high school. She led us through a 40 minute flow that was perfectly challenging and relaxing. The sound of the ocean waves helped too.

Breakfast Bar

Emily was the star here! She reached out to a lot of brands, including many local ones. Our breakfast bar was comprised of:

Many companies sent us coupons and products for the little swag bag we put together:

Wellness Chat

To finish off, we pulled intention cards and shared about ourselves and our wellness journeys.

We had a nice turnout of mostly friends and are so grateful for the support from them and brands. We can’t wait to expand and do more! Till then, namaste!

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