Sunday Bests: 5 Years of Teaching and Too Much Wine

Last week was the close of year 5. I remember how I wanted to teach high school in Huntington Beach, but a different opportunity came around and it has been perfect. Perfect doesn’t mean it was easy. Perfect means

  • It’s closer to home – 20 minutes instead of 45 minutes!
  • I came in with 12 other new teachers and we keep in touch even though many have moved on.
  • The “work parents” are our mentors.
  • Middle schools have smaller staff so I get to know everyone well.
  • Because the staff is smaller, I can really shine. I’ve had the opportunity to develop professionally and make extra $ on different programs (summer school, track, home school).
  • The kids are tough but so am I. I also have a lot of patience.
  • I teach history! Everywhere else wanted me to teach English.
  • I get the kids. 🙂 We have a high staff turnover rate so it’s rewarding knowing I can do something few people can.

While I was drinking wine in celebration with my coworkers, I got an e-mail informing me I won tickets to LA Wine Fest.

I called up Jordan to let him know we’d go before the Dodgers’ game. We had a full 12 hour day drinking wine and then enjoying his first game and Michelada.

Somehow I made it to San Diego for Lived Bliss’ Rooftop Movement event. My body felt the effects of the drinking and I was a slug.

Afterwards, I stopped for a mint chocolate chip smoothie to get back on track. Protein smoothies will need to happen all week…

I signed up for 4 days of summer school but had Monday off. It was time to run errands – I met up with a friend for Blue Bowl and shopping for event supplies and got a sweet summer manicure/pedicure, fixed my phone, and skipped out on plans with friends to relax. Being rested is my #1 priority – my body needs it to function (teaching and working out) to its best!

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