Sunday Bests: Low(er) Key

It was Teacher Appreciation Week. Where I work, we don’t get gift cards or anything from the kids, but the principal made us tacos, nachos, and I got a lovely, heart-warming list of my positive attributes from my colleagues. That, hanging out with Baron, getting a glass of wine and chit chatting with my favorite beertender, and the support of friends got me through a tough week where someone used my insecurities to purposefully hurt me.


I had to feel like a better person, so I brought my support system (my work family) donuts when they were working on Saturday. I also spent time with my friend who is pregnant!

Sunday: Chiquito Falls

Jordan and I are planning a 15 mile hike next week so I had to train with a 10 miler. It wasn’t glamorous – my feet hurt and it was hot. I got upset at my slow pace on the way back. I was so exhausted that I stumbled into Hell’s Kitchen, a motorcycle bar, for my post-hike meal. I got the California Club with fries, condiments from the coffin, and a “Kilt Lifter” beer. They have organic burgers too and the friendliest people!

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