April Recap & May Intentions

April Recap

  • Formulate my 5-year plan. I went to an amazing workshop that asked me to do some self-work. There’s still a lot to do because I just knew I’d graduate college, find a job, and have some kids. Well, I’m leaning towards no kids. Now what?
  • Follow the Fuck It Diet. I heard about this book on a podcast and I’m obsessed.
  • Sleep more. Anyone else lose weight on vacation? I hold onto so much inflammation normally that I lost 5 pounds the day spring break started. One component: sleep. Another component: CBD.

May Intentions

  • Get my finances in order for summer. My friend Gina has inspired me to get my finances in order, at least temporarily, to fund my summer trips. There’s a lot – I’ll be gone for 31 days this summer.
  • Brainstorm events. I clearly have a passion for meeting people and community, with a side of creativity. I did some brainstorming with a friend and lots of ideas spilled out! Things are happenin’ and I can’t wait to share!
  • Read books and listen to podcasts. I haven’t taken as many walks lately, which is when I do most of my “reading.” I’m super busy but no excuses! I listen on my drive to work and while cooking though. New favorites: Skimm This and Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations.
  • Go outside. I’m busy, but it’s consistently warm out. Rain be gone! It’s time to hit the trails before it becomes too unbearable.

May, thus far:

I volunteered at San Diego Made‘s grand opening/craft fair. They had me as the bar cashier and pouring perfect pours of beer. I loved talking to people obviously and met some crafters, businesswomen, and a few ladies I had encountered at other events. Maybe San Diego’s community is as small as it seems! That’s what I love about it!

For Cinco de Mayo, I put on my guac shirt and avo necklace to go to VegFest LA with Emily, an RD I met at the GOOD Fest. We shared expensive food, had Magpies soft serve, and brainstormed. Not only did we brainstorm, we have launched! She also finished up her website that evening. Check it out here!


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