Sunday Bests: Self-Work & Community (LA & San Diego)

Before I recap my weekend, I should mention that I made a big change this week – I ended my romantic relationship. It started last Cinco de Mayo and I can’t doubt I grew and learned a lot. Unfortunately, there was a lot of frustration in a portion of the relationship that has never seen better days in the time we were together. More on this in a later post.

It felt FREEING Thursday night and I fell asleep peacefully.

Saturday: Master Your Mind workshop

On Friday, I made a last minute decision to go to some “Master Your Morning, Master Your Mind” workshop. I didn’t know the girls running it – apparently Lauren was on a reality TV show and Jessica is a news reporter – but I felt a compulsion to go.

I was treated to a small group workshop on finding my core values, thought about my higher self, and envisioned future me. This is the self-work that I always put aside to complete my day-to-day tasks. It was worth the hundred bucks to meet lovely and inspiring people, eat delicious food, workout by the water, and take home a bunch of swag.

I am soaking it all in and taking steps to keep up the momentum. After the workshop, I wasn’t feeling great physically and overwhelmed mentally. I knew I could go for a short walk and stopped in Manhattan Beach to walk for an hour and write in my journal.

The walk did the trick! I went home and found energy to do some sweaty cardio. I also stayed up messaging my former roommate for support.

Sunday: The Sweat Series

I headed to San Diego on Sunday for Babes Who Sweat‘s The Sweat Series. My goal was to not rush and it was a challenge when I barely made it on time/had to pee! The workouts (HIIT, Pilates, yoga) were so good and I felt energetic during and after!

After 90 minutes of working out, I perused the marketplace – I got my eyebrows threaded and my first vitamin B-12 shot for free! I’m tired but maybe not as tired as I would be without the shot.

Emily, who I met at the GOOD Fest, and I got matcha at the Instagram-worthy Holy Matcha and shared thoughts and ideas and girl talk about my break-up.

We walked around the North Park neighborhood until sharing an early bird dinner at Tribute Pizza and gelato over at An’s Dry Cleaning which isn’t actually a dry cleaning.

The drive home was rough and I’m ready to pass out before… no work! It’s spring break and I’m spending tomorrow doing yoga on the beach and drinking a beer.

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