Sunday Bests: Perfect Spring Weather

This was a good week and weekend, despite it being busy. I was able to manage it all, taking on extra tasks without feeling overwhelmed.

I made a list of all the things I accomplished daily to show how awesome I am and to feel grateful. Often, I feel like I don’t do enough, but I couldn’t be more wrong!

Weekday Hike: Santiago Oaks

I took a Tuesday afternoon hike at Santiago Oaks Regional Park. I forgot there were as many trails here. I felt so calm among the wildflowers and horses on the trail.

On Friday, I mustered up the energy to finally see my friends for a gender reveal. Not only are they having twins, they’re having one of each! I was already emotional (crying while working out!) that day and immediately started crying at the news!

…and back to San Diego Saturday

I won tickets to Wanderlust 108 in San Diego, but I stayed up late and honestly didn’t want to get up early. Instead, I went to the Saffron & Sage pop-up and walked around the Little Italy Saturday “mercato,” one of the best farmer’s markets ever!

I decided to hit the trails and was convinced to try Torrey Pines again. Wow. I hiked for 2 hours along the coast, cooled off by the ocean breeze and in awe of the landscape. The day was a perfect as it looks in the photos.

I made my way north to Encinitas for food. I only had coffee, protein bar, and samples at the farmer’s market. I had a hard time picking from the paleo/gluten-free deliciousness at Nectarine Grove. I eventually went with their chimichurri steak bowl over brown rice and quinoa. Another great spot in Encinitas: Goodonya. For such a teeny tiny town, Encinitas’ restaurants are some of the best for health and flavor!

I was tired but had a hard time falling asleep. I swear I didn’t have much bouncing off the walls in my brain either!

Rested Sunday

In the morning, I managed 30 minutes of yoga (via Black Swan Yoga online) and coffee with a friend. I broke out the CBD kombucha and after a quarter bottle, I passed out and had one of the best naps ever!

I was pumped when I woke up.

  • I made Rachael Good Eats’ healthy [paleo] Twix bars, which were not only beautiful but delicious.
  • I then went on a work spree, getting a hefty portion of my paperwork done. To be honest, I usually wait until the night before because there’s so much to do.
  • Oh, I even got in <30 minutes of lifting because I had the energy!

I’m up a tad late after talking to a friend who got me planning more of my July road trip. I’m going on a 3-day trip to Southern Utah, but I made a trip out of it. I’ll share more soon, but here’s the map:

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