Sunday Bests: Rest, Rejuvenate, Rally

Last week was busy and it left me depleted. I was completely exhausted at the beginning of the week – on Tuesday, I came home and immediately laid in bed, showered, and got back in bed.

I felt similarly exhausted on Wednesday. I was hungry so I treated myself to comfort food (‘healthy’ orange chicken). I had a bit more energy so I took an hour-ish walk at Oak Canyon. I walked up to a huge predatory bird that had a dead rabbit in its claws!

On Thursday, I went in for a check-up. My last blood test was a couple of years ago and everything turned out fine except for my electrolyte levels. I still have an ultrasound for a lump in my neck (probably a cyst) and irregular periods. Nonetheless, I relished relaxing at home on Thursday and Friday night.

Of course, I had plans this weekend. On Saturday, my friend Allison and I went to Rancho Los Lomas for wine tasting (and a couple of cocktails) and animals. Afterwards, we went to the pool, ate homemade corned beef sandwiches, and I played house with her daughter.

I finally saw my BFF Jordan. We had tickets to the Marciano Art Foundation, which was small but had a good collection.

We played Battleship over lunch at Spitz.

We tacked on another activity – walking around the Griffith Observatory and then walking 4+ miles on the Griffith Park trails in our street clothes. I had on a sundress, which actually worked out because it was so stinkin’ hot. It was nice being among all the Angelenos out today.

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