January Recap

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year and according to my zodiac, it seems like a pretty solid year. As a teacher, 60 is a D though…

Hiking Black Star Canyon

A couple years ago, we attempted to get together for this hike. It started to sprinkle and everyone bailed so I went solo. It was tough then but less so now that I’ve done more hikes with water crossings and traversing rocks.

We ate well-deserved burgers (and a beer too) at Haven. It might be one of the best burgers I’ve eaten – 65% ground chuck, 15% ground top sirloin, and 20% pork fat. 🙂

. It might be one of the best burgers I’ve eaten – 65% ground chuck, 15% ground top sirloin, and 20% pork fat. 🙂

“The Best Life” Podcast Tour

I saw that one of my regular podcast listens, “The Best Life Podcast,” was coming to town and there was a code to go for free!

I hadn’t mingled with complete strangers in awhile, especially in the wellness space I’m less apart of now. I did meet a few people, took notes, and am now obsessed with super sweet Lori Harder and Patrice Washington.

Monday Holiday

Since we had the day off, my work wife and work sister wanted to do brunch… at 11am of course! We went to a hidden gem, Colleary’s, for $12 bottomless mimosas and delicious food.

Of course, we kept the party going and had drinks at Haven Gastropub. Somehow I made it to girls’ night with some other friends…

The Broad & DTLA

I’ve gone to the Broad Museum but Jordan hasn’t so we took a day to do that and walk around downtown LA. We stopped into Cento Pasta Bar for lunch then stopped into the rooftop tiki bar, Broken Shaker, for a colorful beverage. Our last stop was in the Arts District (also skid row) – the new High Tide and Arts District Brewery.

Hiking Sitton Peak

A beautiful day hiking 10 miles to Sitton Peak, my favorite trail in Orange County even with the steep last half mile. I followed it up with a stop at Hell’s Kitchen/biker bar and ice cream. I hiked solo today and listened to James Franco reading Stephen King’s Dead Zone

/biker bar and ice cream. I hiked solo today and listened to James Franco reading Stephen King’s Dead Zone

But my day isn’t what it seems. I was in my head a lot, trying to sort through my shit and longing for support but not getting it from the person I need it from (not because they weren’t willing). And I’m writing this in my car, parked in a spot in my neighborhood because I cried ugly tears and don’t want the criticism for crying.

This is me in real life – I acknowledge and linger in the bad feelings, but I keep on living. Maybe it’s for show, but it’s helping me live well.

Another Girl Group Kickoff

I think this is my 3rd or 4th year going to Andrei’s for Elle’s girl group kickoff. It always comes on a day when a drink and social time is much needed.

HelloWellness & No Bread

I attended my first HelloWellness event and was so pleased with the people I met there! It was a well put-together event and further made me consider a side gig in event planning. 🙂 No Bread was friendly and more charming than I expected.

I got to L.A. early to beat the traffic and checked out the free Hammer Museum too. It was small, but they had paintings from Monet, Van Gogh, and others!

Jordan’s Birthday > Superbowl Sunday

For Jordan’s birthday, which was on Superbowl Sunday this year, we waited 2 hours in line at Howlin’ Ray’s. I’ve wanted to go for more than a year and stood in the cold (California cold). The mild wasn’t as spicy as people claimed, but the seasoning and service were excellent. Would I wait in line again? Probably not.

Of course, we got drinks afterwards. We had hoped to play real shuffleboard but alas, it was raining. Instead, we shared a $20 “mimosa kit” at Block Party in the Highland Park area of L.A.

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