January Recap & February Intentions

December (& January) Recap

  • Take walks in the afternoon. Check! I also got in a lot of hiking in January!
  • Spend time with people. I spent a lot of time nourishing my relationships with my BFFs and calling Liz.
  • Be LOVE over the holidays. I think I think I did this. I didn’t have anxiety over doing very little for 2 weeks.
  • Rest. My neck and shoulder pain went away! It was replaced by massive anxiety last week though. Can’t win them all. This week though, I have ZERO FUCKS.
  • Get back into the health & wellness scene. I started this blog, went to conferences and made lots of friends. I’m getting back into it with some events; however, I had to cancel a couple this week for my personal life.

February Intentions

  • Manage anxiety. I had an anxiety attack last week and even got really dizzy another day, probably from not eating enough.
  • Take more rest days. I’ve gone on quite a few long hikes and feel guilty about not moving in some way. The strenuous exercise adds to my elevated heart rate. Btw, my elevated heart rate is about 62 bpm so they were unable to give me any anxiety meds.
  • Drink more mimosas. Yeah, I like them more than I thought! It might not be the best for my anxiety because it’s alcohol, but it’s the best drunk Julie option.
  • Keep reading! I’m doing well with my “reading” of audiobooks. Thus far, I’ve read When and The 5 Second Rule. The Stephen King novel, read by James Franco is captivating!

Other books on my queue: You Are a Badass at Making Money, Educated: A Memoir, A Tribe Called Bliss, A Stranger in the House, and Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds.

[Online] Reading List

  • I think about it sometimes, but fine, I won’t quit my job. Yet… or ever.
  • I showed a picture of a wagon with oxen. A kid likened it to Uber because he couldn’t think of the word ‘taxi.’ Taxis and stamps are outdated. What does the future of learning look like?
  • I’m perusing We Are Teachers. I’m not one of those Instagram teachers and I’m the one buying Teachers Pay Teachers. But bless those who do make the resources!
  • I have zero interest in “The Bachelor,” but I love “A Million Little Things.” I’m watching it every week!
  • I’m a pretty bad Chinese person – I had healthy versions of orange chicken twice last week! I should try to make my own.
  • I’m a big planner, but this is a different way of scheduling for my social life and my free time. Re: not scheduling and going with what feels good. This has become my approach for working out over the last 2 years and it feels way better.
  • I should buy my besties these socks for V-Day.
  • Speaking of Valentine’s Day, that one guy is coming to visit this weekend and we’re headed to San Diego. We’ll be going to some tiki bars.

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