Kicking Off 2019

This winter break is one of the more uneventful. 2 years ago, when we had 3 weeks off, I went to Tucson, Phoenix, and Sedona. Last year was similar to this one – we went to Las Vegas and San Diego.

But after all the craziness thus far, I embraced sleeping 10 hours, staying up late, and sleeping in until 10am or so. To be honest, every year seems crazy!

Devil’s Chair hike

I did one big hike this winter break and it was Devil’s Punchbowl and Chair. It was the perfect day for a hike and the view was one of the best. Everything out on the backside/east side of the Angeles National Forest is lush!

After a long hike and drive, my body wanted rest, but I wanted play. I checked out the new Pickled Monk with a co-worker and talked to some interesting strangers as always.

New Year’s Eve

Our evening started with getting carne asada nachos. Then, we set off to a gathering of people from high school. I hadn’t seen some of them in 10 years! I was proud to show up the way I am after all that time.

It was a dud though so we headed over to the main event with my girlfriends where we played “These Cards Will Get You Drunk.” I am able to stand on one leg the longest and apparently, I’m the most likely to get kicked out of a bar…

Day 1

Obviously, I was hungover on New Year’s Day. I hid under the blankets and sadly missed the Rose Parade. One day I’ll watch live or see the floats after.

Day 2

I wanted to get as much sunshine in as possible, but I also didn’t want to drive over an hour to get there. I drove 30 minutes to Chino Hill State Park and took a serene 6 mile walk while listening to “The 5 Second Rule.” In the evening, I got ready for girls’ night at Habana. The Cuban restaurant had decor and an ambiance that made me think of dancing and falling in love. I didn’t even have a drink!

Day 3

I found out about this pop-up, Rad Toast, in nearby Whittier. I got the basic avocado toast and theirs was more than that – soft-scrambled eggs, pickled onions, and bread sliced off a loaf!

Afterwards, I hiked the backside of a popular and unshaded trail in the area. It was much more scenic with trees lining the trail and shaded!

Day 4

I vowed to get up early but that didn’t happen. I worked (out) my butt off – my glutes were dead – and then got ready for some frolicking around downtown Fullerton: Tazon for tacos and a Michelada, stopping into Pickled Monk to check out the scene, and a glass of vino at Pour Company.

I was supposed to go to game night but that didn’t happen. I actually fell asleep pretty early (12:30am) and proceeded to wake up 9 hours later.

Day 5

After a quick workout, using gliders to celebrate Flex & Flow‘s 3-year anniversary, I got a quick pedicure before celebrating a co-worker’s wedding with my work family. We had a great time dancing and drinking wine and I tried a middle hair part!

Day 6

I had hoped all 2 weeks of break that I would wake up early. I slept 10 or more hours but wasn’t about to miss out on a hike. I drove to Top of the World, forgot my earbuds but ended up chatting with an older couple for half the hike. Turns out they know some people I know!

…and tomorrow, it’s back to work. I’m excited that we start a new semester after the break.

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