Pre-Christmas week with friends

Holiday lights in Long Beach

We made an attempt to see decked out yachts in Long Beach but ended up grabbing a couple of drinks at Parker’s Lighthouse. We met up with more friends for a night out in Long Beach: Riley’s, Saint & Second, and Good Bar, where we did a little dancing with the college kids.

Sunday Funday

Our friend Delmy showed her jewelry at Docent Brewing so we went to support her and have a beer. I actually had kombucha and took a few sips from our shared flight.

The rest of my day was spent slowly making my way home and stopping along the way to finish holiday shopping.

Holiday parties

There were a couple of friendsmas parties and our work holiday party. I had a blast, chatting with old friends, making new ones, and getting to know some co-workers better.

Gingerbread house decorating

Gingerbread house and sweater decorating was a lot harder than we expected. We gave our best effort and drank 4 bottles of champagne… I felt that the next morning.

Every year, my 6th graders build and decorate a ‘pyramid.’ They were much better at it than us.

Self care

After a massage, I went on a 5 mile walk at nearby Fairview Park. That’s all I’ve been able to do with with my shoulder and neck pain – I can’t hold weights for lower body work. Over the last 3 days, all I’ve done is walk and today I just drove and slept. Hopefully I can get back to it tomorrow after proper healing.

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