October/November Recap & December Intentions

October Intentions Recap

  • Eat more food. Trips make it easier as I follow eating habits of friends who don’t have food hang ups.
  • Sleep more. Nope. Now, I’m working on sleeping in blocks – 5 hours at night, 2 hour nap.
  • Relieve stress with walks and journaling. I dropped this, but I’ve been adding it back in. I went on a couple walks (2.5 and 8 miles) after work but then it rained… 
  • Protect my spirit, mood, and energy. I was “working on” this, but I didn’t have a plan.

November Recap

  • My work wife got engaged!
  • I got paid for the two months teaching an extra class.
  • Good thing because work was so stressful that I had a kink in my traps that led up to the base of my neck and skull. :/ It took a lot of massages to get it out.
  • Nathan came to visit and we went to Palm Springs!

December Intentions

  • Take walks in the afternoon. The sun sets before 5pm now! I need as much sunshine as possible.
  • Spend time with people. I prioritized my to-dos in order to have my weeknights free for holiday events. I might’ve suffered a hangover but it was worth it.
  • Be LOVE over the holidays. I love Christmastime, but I don’t have the traditional family to spend it with. Rather, I’ve spent Christmas in Vegas for 2 years. I’m working on showing people I love them in other ways – I’ve got gift giving and quality time down. I even said, “I love you.”
  • Rest. My shoulder and neck pain started innocently enough months ago and has gotten so bad that I had to take ibuprofen or get targeted massages. I took a few days off weights (even holding them for lower body hurts) and did a lot of walking.

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