Appreciating home

Last week felt nostalgic to a few years ago, checking out local events and taking walks during the week (this was a 2016 resolution). It was a “cheaper” and easier way to feel like I was getting a staycation and being grateful I live here because people want to live here.

OC Brew Ho Ho

I got tickets to Brew Ho Ho for us as Christmas and birthday gifts and had a blast! There were so many breweries there but their winter beers were too heavy for my taste.

Self Care

Now that the sun sets before 5pm, I’m taking walks several days a week. We have some parks nearby, even if I have to sit in rush hour traffic after. I knocked out 5 miles after work this week. This is a December intention – I’m behind on making that list!

After long hours and plenty of stress, I got a massage and took myself to dinner. I went to Vegan Nirvana and had the best “fish” tacos ever! The highlight of Friday was the leftovers!

If you need something to watch and cry to, watch “Dumplin’!” It was an empowering movie in having courage, stepping outside of the box the world predetermined for you, and to love big!

Other thoughts

I met a lot of people (girls, mostly) who are cynical about the opposite sex. Although I don’t have the experience and maybe because I don’t, I still believe in people, probably because of my students and my positive experiences. 🙂 

I travel a lot having a full-time job not related to travel thanks to easy access to airports and being close to so many cool places. But the holidays in Orange County as spectacular. Here’s a list of some holiday events I’m feening:

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