6 1/2 months later… (from the meet cute)

Today, I mailed another package. I think it’s the 4th or 5th one I’ve sent since May to Colorado.

This package had some snacks as always but also sunglasses.


It’s serendipitous because on Cinco de Mayo/Kentucky Derby weekend, I left my sunglasses in North Carolina and they were taken to Colorado.


Instead of having them sent to me, I went to Colorado a month later to get them. I spent 4 days there, hiking, biking, eating, and dancing.


A month and a half later, we spent 5 days road tripping to Santa Barbara, Yosemite, and the Eastern Sierras and celebrated my birthday.


For Labor Day weekend, my friends and I met up in Colorado. I’ll be honest – it was a hard time and I thought things would take a downturn.


After my trip to Big Sur, we talked on the phone for 2 hours and it continued. Overall, I think we were on the phone for no more than 20 hours. There was a lot of quality time but also lots of struggles too.


Almost 2 1/2 months later, we were able to coordinate a trip. For the first half of the month, we talked almost 15 hours on the phone. I didn’t think we’d make it to the trip date honestly. But it was this trip, to Palm Springs and beyond, that made me look a little closer.

We’d spent a lot of time talking, not being able to rely on activities together. So on our trip, we could be together in the same place and just enjoy that.

From the beginning?

The story doesn’t just start in May. The beginning was actually last August when my friends and I met up in Denver for a birthday. Really, you should read the beginning and end of that post. It goes something like this:

I fell in love… Tall, dark, good looking, laid-back and intelligent… that’s my type, and I’m less discerning with a few drinks. My ideal guy probably lives in a place like Denver, a city big enough but hip enough.

Next trip… South Dakota?  That’s apparently where the tall, brunette, cute, educated, and laid-back Mid-Western guys are from…

Looking back, there’s NO WAY I knew. I was fine for 10 minutes and then DRUNK. In any case, I did the ol’ Facebook friend request.

The next April, our mutual friend came to visit/go to Mexico and told us to come out to North Carolina the next weekend. He told us a number of people were coming and his friend from Denver. Ding! I remember that name!

Sadly, plane tickets from LAX were $600+. On Tuesday night, I looked again and plane tickets from my local airport were $250 with a layover in Denver. I consulted with our mutual friend who told me that I would have company on my trip from Denver to North Carolina! Serendipity!

Well, I got to the airport, asked a really tall guy if his name was **** and it wasn’t. Our friend picked me up from the airport and **** was nowhere to be seen! Eventually, we found out he missed the redeye flight and it seemed that fate was not fate. 

However, he ended up buying a ticket for the same flight the next day. It took one day of being tipsy to make the sparks fly. I had to head home the next day. As I got out of the car at the airport and we said our goodbyes, we didn’t have each other’s numbers. I quickly turned into the terminal, confident somehow it would be remedied… and it did – Facebook alerted me that I got a message with some digits in it.

It’s a meet-cute good enough for a TV movie. 

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